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Scrap Vehicles

We pay cash for your scrap and unwanted vehicles or we tow your car  for freer we

Auto Towing

 In & out of town  car hook up and towing services, winching, and vehicle boosting 

Gas Services

Run out of gas?? We will deliver enough fuel (gas or diesel) to your location so you can get to the nearest service location

Lock-Out  Services

Locked your keys in your vehicle?? We will send a licensed lockout specialist to unlock your vehicle

Tire  Change

we willl change your flat tire with your inflated spare tire . spare tire must be in safe operation condition


A collection of cars we've towed with passion

Shifted from one deck to another
Subaru Swamp
Old Ford.
Got the Munchies...
Everyone needs a tow once in awhile
A camping we will go.....




Our mission at Yellowhook towing is simple: to provide high-quality  towing services for our valued clients. Whether you have used our services one time or ten our team goes above and beyond to cater to each customers specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Towing Services. For more information or general inquiries,

                  get in touch today.








Yellowhook towing is a full service towing and road side assistance provider. We can assist you with your light, medium or heavy duty towing and transport needs. Our office is located in Strathmore, Alberta. We take pride in our community as we are locally owned and operated for the past 30 years.   Yellowhook towing is run by experienced and professional operators.

   For us, your safety is our main priority


704 Westridge Rd, Strathmore,    Alberta T1P 1H8



Tel: 403 - 901 - 0087




Monday to Friday  

9AM - 5PM

Please do not use this form to arrange towing services as it is not monitored after hours.

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